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the melody of my life

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wtf was that cc2? what kind of piece of shit did you put together?

Horrid gameplay.
Horrid controls.
but I sucked it up because I thought there would be a good ending but....no choice in ending.
"Secret" ending is lacking.
"Hidden" character is crap.
....And you can't save(find) AIKA, one of the most important characters in the game.

all my rage cc2, all my rage, if not my sympathizing with AIKA, I would ignore the existence of anything post true ending of G.U. I don't know whether to watch the .hack//Quantum eps now or just delete them...

maybe they have some AIKA inside them.... just maybe..

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source: http://www.slate.com/id/2247465/

oh man....

Game Over

A baby starves to death while its parents play online.Collapse )

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T_T.... sewing machine is not working ever since the 2nd needle broke, bobbin area keeps cutting all the thread it touches, I've been trying to fix it since 4... I think I'm going to give up v.v

bad luck...
wtf man wtf....

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I saw this on 4chan today... lmao....

Naruto, more popular than women, men, and boys since 2007

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booked hotel for akicon, I booked the con hotel jingy sorry XD;;;

the site you sent me didn't work with ann's computer very well.

@ terra he cosplayers (annie, kaworu, karen)
we need something like this for terra he XD

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Hey I just need this as a reminder to myself.....

Who did I say I would drive down to akicon? please reply if I told you I would drive you down

(though I haven't registered for pass / hotel yet I'm going)

We can take 1 other person, MAX 2.  2 is really pushing it.

I remember karen and pang are supposedly rooming with me and annie... but are you guys coming along in the car as well?

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Hey we're still having the corda shoot tmr right? Where is it? your house???

man it's hot today >.o... 

Today's To do list:
buy those batteries @ daiso
look @ tsuchiura pics + poses

Tonight's = 10pm +
style tsuchiura's wig
Make collar and attach to orange + start on trimming

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Hey I just wanna get some opinions on this =3

Which voice do you think:

1. sounds better for this song
2. is closer to haruhi's voice

The voices are split between the chorus eg:
Voice A chorus Voice B chorus Voice A + B

The link is here http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/sm1404779

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I don't know how... but I managed to burn myself eletrically with 4 AA batteries, a switch, and an led that I pulled from a keychain.

=o.. I didn't even think they carried enough current to burn.... maybe it was the led reacting with current and my skin or something...

it's super super small but very annoying....

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